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Vantachi 透明質酸高效保濕護髮霜



旅行輕便裝50ml (小)

普通裝200ml (中)

超量裝530ml (大)








✅ 強效透明質酸氨基酸,為秀髮導入保濕,提升彈性韌度,重組結構,強化髮芯, 植物性氨基酸是構成頭髮的蛋白質組件。幹細胞使他們以正確順序排列,形成角質,也就是一種具有驚人延展力的髮內蛋白質。




Vantachi 透明質酸高效保濕護髮霜 50mL/200mL/530mL

價格自 HK$30.00

    Japan Vantachi  Moisturizing Hair Cream

    Travel light 50ml, regular 200ml and oversized 530ml


    Travel light 50ml (small)

    Ordinary 200ml (medium)

    Overfill 530ml (large)


    Moisturizing hair cream

    A brand new pure oxygen nano-formulation, rich in a variety of plant-based amino acid combinations, is very similar to the hair structure cell membrane composition, the most fundamental element of hair repair, after use, it will bring lightness, suppleness, shine, and can maintain hair water To reduce hair breakage.

    No added various harmful chemicals

    🙅🏼‍♀ Silicone (clogging pores)

    🙅🏼‍♀SLS (sensitizing ingredient)

    🙅🏼‍♀MIT (the culprit of eczema)


    Plant-based amino acids are the protein components that make up hair. Stem cells arrange them in the right order to form keratin, which is an amazingly extensible hair protein. The potent hyaluronic acid amino acid introduces moisture into the hair, improves elasticity and toughness, reorganizes the structure, strengthens the hair core, and the hair is naturally supple.

    With the same series of vantachi tea seed plant essence shampoo, the effect is better